Guinness: A Toast to Five of its Best TV Ads

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which for the English population is an excuse to join our Irish friends in celebrating all that is great about the Emerald Isle with multiple pints of Guinness. Food takes a backseat today, as we turn to liquid lunches, liquid dinners and liquid snacks for sustenance.

So, as enthusiastic supporters of this day ourselves, we couldn’t help but trawl through some of our favourite TV advertising campaigns from one of our favourite advertisers. Without further ado, here’s our top five!

Tipping Point (2007)

Shot in Argentina as part of a £10 million campaign, Tipping Point is a game of dominos on steroids. Full of rustic charm, a heartening dose of community spirit and one hell of a triumphant finale, this ad accurately replicates the exuberance one feels (and just about contains within unnervingly intense stares at the glass) when watching that first pint being poured. We wouldn’t recommend trying to recreate the scenes from Tipping Point, though. Not unless you have comprehensive home insurance and neighbours who share a first for destruction.

Hands (2006)

The award-winning ‘Hands’ will leave you mesmerised for the exact length of time Guinness believes is required to pour the perfect pint of Emerald gold. A beguiling blend of animation wizardly, stylistic cool and a Balkan folk soundtrack guaranteed to produce shoulder shimmies at your desk, this two-minute film deservedly went viral upon its release, and still leaves mouths agape today. Hands shouldn’t be this interesting.

noitulovE (2005)

Distilling 3 billion years of evolutionary history into one-minute is no mean feat, but from a pub in Dublin to newt-like creatures supping on the Primordial Soup, Guinness manages to deliver a snappy explainer of the journey we’ve taken to arrive at the current zenith of man’s achievement: the perfect pint.

Bring it to Life (2009)

Ah, nature. It’s really quite something, isn’t it. Unfortunately, it’s also something we take for granted, but with ‘Bring it to Life’, for ninety awe-inspiring seconds we’re firmly wrapped around its little finger. In it, a group of men join forces to create oceans, forests and waterfalls – with the toil displayed on a par with trying to get up the morning after St Patrick’s Day. Cinematic in its ambition and powerful in its message, ‘Bring it to Life’ reminds us of just how wondrous the natural processes surrounding us are.

Chinese Whispers (2009)

Launched to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the brewery by the now demigod, Arthur Guinness, ‘Chinese Whispers’ is a funny and playful ode to the creator–in-chief. Starting in the inauspicious setting of an Irish pub, the whisper ends up travelling across the entire globe, with mass crowds of people toasting parsnips, llamas and Martians, among other less clear subjects of celebration.