Guerillascope’s End of Year Review: 2016

More clients on TV in one year than ever before; multiple awards nominations; new media partnerships and an ever-widening service portfolio: it’s been another huge year for Guerillascope in the UK and Ireland!

Preparations for 2016 begun with the publication of 2015’s review. Galvanised by what was – at the time – an unprecedented year of success and change in equal measure, the team resolved to devise new ways of driving Guerillascope forward. We refused to settle for what we had already achieved: instead, what came to the fore was a desire to further improve the targeted, analytically-driven planning and buying services underpinning our ethos of independence, flexibility and accountability.

Our extended family

So, after a 2015 in which the team managed the accounts for 92 brands – 53 of whom were newcomers to TV advertising – did our efforts bear fruit? Propelled in no small part by our own TV advertising activity – which has now been seen by over 60% of the UK’s adult population at least once – this past year Guerillascope has managed 96 advertisers on the small screen, with 63 of those uninitiated in TV prior to joining forces with our team. This makes us the number one TV planning and buying agency in the UK for number of advertisers on air in 2016.

Indeed, the past year will be remembered with particular fondness for the new clients we’ve welcomed into the Guerillascope family: clients such as Watchfinder, Federation of Master Builders, In the Style, Zeek and the King of Shaves. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with every single one of the exciting brands that have entrusted us with the management of their targeted advertising activity over the last twelve months.

As a mark of the success we’ve enjoyed in the past couple of years, Guerillascope was shortlisted for two awards in 2016: Best New Business Culture at the UK Agency Awards, and Agency of the Year at The Drum Network Awards. Yet whilst we’re delighted to see our work credited, we believe there is much more to do. There is a huge opportunity for hundreds of companies yet to exploit TV’s constantly evolving strengths as a cost-efficient source of brand recognition, prestige, consumer trust and direct response; ultimately, we aim to demonstrate the value of our hands-on and optimised campaign planning to many more ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs.

Growth in all areas

Yet it’s not just TV planning and buying where our focus lies. First, we have seen strong growth in our international digital buying – both in display and programmatic activity – running campaigns for market-leading brands simultaneously across up to nine countries at a time. Additionally, the creative production side of our business continues to expand exponentially year-on-year, with several successful multimedia campaigns added to our burgeoning portfolio over the past year. 2017 is already looking like an exciting year for the team, with planned activity poised to see us sustain a similar rate of YOY growth.

And that’s not all: late in 2016 Guerillascope joined forces with exciting new OOH and DOOH specialist OOH Yes, an outdoor agency that harnesses the latest advances in technology to bring a fresh approach to the flexible planning and buying of immersive out-of-home campaigns. We look forward to seeing this partnership flourish in 2017 – a year in which we intend to deliver integrated strategies centred on the harmonic, cross-platform strengths of TV, digital and outdoor on a national and international scale.

Looking ahead

So, what else lies in wait for Guerillascope? With the fabled Article 50 currently set to be activated in March – though, let’s not hold our breath – the long process of negotiating new trade agreements around the world is expected to begin in earnest this year. Whilst uncertainty hangs in the air, we’ve seen first-hand how businesses big and small are taking a bold and bullish approach to mitigating its potential effects. Indeed, per research from CitySprint, 75% of the UK’s SME’s are more or equally confident about the prospects of their business than they were a year ago. This optimism and determination to overcome potential hurdles is of vital importance to both the UK and Ireland moving forward – and it must be supported.

We believe there is an opportunity for unflinching brands to benefit from the reluctance of others to invest in company growth; and we will work in collaboration with forward-thinking business owners to ensure that this mettle is rewarded. Ultimately, whilst there is of course an element of risk in the current political and economic climate, conversely, TV, digital and out-of-home advertising have never been so low risk; never have advertisers had so much power to tailor activity to their specific needs and control the direction of campaign performance. Our expertise will see marketing budgets of all sizes working harder and delivering more.

Finally, we’d like to wish you a prosperous and very happy New Year! Together, let’s make 2017 a year that will live long in the memory, for all the right reasons.