Guerillascope Passes Half Century of New Business Wins

The first half an hour of any morning typically involves blank stares, yawns of almost jaw-breaking ferocity, and much sighing. Coffee? Multiple jeroboams are required. And so it was that, earlier this week, disorientated and driven by the pre-caffeinated inability to establish how many weeks of the year we were currently on, I went to Google search. 42, I was told.

‘Constructive start to the day,’ I thought to myself – unwarranted sense of achievement in tow. Then I had a moment of clarity: this newly acquired knowledge is actually of zero use to me; I have no need for it. My morning needed an impetus, but there I was, unwittingly obstructing progress.

I set myself an unnecessary challenge: How could I rectify this; how could I turn an inane matter of curiosity into something worthwhile?

Then it happened. Divine intervention. I received an email – and not just any email. An email notifying me of Guerillascope’s 50th and 51st new business wins of 2016. Then, a little while later, another came through proclaiming the 52nd. ‘OK,’ I said, ‘this is good, very good. I’ll just tweak the copy a bit.’ But oh no, that wasn’t the end. The next day, having redrafted a version of this blog post you will now never read, a third email congratulating the team on its 53rd and 54th account wins pinged up on my screen. I was plunged into a state of bewilderment. Five in two days. Really?

Now assured that there’s unlikely to be any further email announcements for at least 24 hours, I can confirm that, as we move through the 42nd week of 2016, the UK and Ireland teams have welcomed our 50th, 51st, 52nd, 53rd and 54th editions to the Guerillascope family – even my ‘hiss, flail and run’ routine with numbers can’t stop me from coming to the conclusion that that’s over one new client every week.

Continuing the Upward Trend

I have a lot to thank our new friends for. By choosing my employer as the agency best suited for managing their targeted TV advertising objectives, they allowed me to make a mockery of my unnecessary challenge. It would be remiss of me not to also thank brands already on air such as Watchfinder, Federation of Master Builders, Zeek, Autovolo and Choosey – without which the now fabled emails could not be.

However, the story doesn’t end here. In fact, this is where the eyes really mist over. Riding the crest of a wave, I streamlined my stance, took on a look of steely determination, and cheerfully accepted a cup of coffee from my colleague. After an overzealous, premature sip that left my mouth lined with third-degree burns, I delved further.

What did I find? Of the 54 new businesses so far secured this year, 46 had never advertised on TV prior to joining our ranks. Since January 2013, that’s over 160 new clients won, a figure bettered by no other agency in the UK.

Now, I knew the planning and buying team here at Guerillascope was a talented bunch; I knew that over 56% of the UK population had seen Guerillascope’s own TV advertising campaign at least once; and I also knew that, in 2015 – a year in which the team secured 53 new business accounts – 9.4% of all new linear TV advertisers in the market could be attributed to Guerillascope.

What I could not have known as 2016 begun was that, by the halfway point of October, and with even more businesses poised to turn their ambition into action with Guerillascope and access the considerable opportunities offered by the festive season, we would have already surpassed a 2015 that had far exceeded our previous best year.

And it’s not just live TV either: with VoD and outdoor advertising campaigns also under our belt. This is 3D growth: branching out and moving up, in all directions, with digital marketing and web design additional areas of burgeoning activity.

Why Us?

So, why do we attract so much new business? What’s the secret? Well, it’s quite simple really: We remove the risk from advertising on TV; providing a base upon which businesses can test and hone campaign strategies with budgets that don’t obliterate the company finances. We make it all easy, accountable and effective.

The result? Lots of happy clients, and an excitable content manager inspired by a simple – albeit triumphant – email landing in his inbox. But hey, if an email can have this kind of effect, imagine what a TV spot promoting your business in its full, vivid glory could do? Give us a call on 0800 088 6789 to learn more about and how we can help you grow.