The Power of Sky Adsmart

Guerillascope’s recent event on the transformative effects of TV advertising for businesses new to the medium featured a presentation from Jason Turner, Head of Sales at Sky Media. Here, he introduces the mechanics and benefits of advertising on the innovative Sky Adsmart platform.

“70% of the people using Sky Adsmart are new to Sky and new to TV, and that’s exactly what we set out to do… it’s about bringing new people into play; so you can advertise your local bakery, car dealerships.”

Sky Adsmart is a truly ground-breaking platform that, for the first time, brings addressable TV advertising into the UK market. Essentially, it allows advertisers to cherry-pick audience attributes central to their business and serve ads to appropriate households. As Jason explains, “if you’re at home and watching Game of Thrones, and your next door neighbour is watching Game of Thrones, you can see different ads – ads that are relevant to you.

“At its very most basic level, if you didn’t have a dog and your neighbour did, they could be served a Pedigree Chum ad and you wouldn’t, because that’s not relevant to you. That’s what Sky Adsmart can do… it can deliver targeted ads to the household.”

With 941 audience attributes to choose from, and the capacity to target specific areas of the country, brands have never had such control over who sees their ad. For small businesses new to the market, this is a particularly promising tool.

“You can, it its most basic level, go down to post code, so if you want to start your business out thinking, ‘I just want to advertise to a local area to begin with before going national, you can target the first two letters of a post code, and then you can branch that out, so it’s very exciting.”

"Most exciting of all is the return. When we launched Sky Adsmart, it was either going to fly and do really well, because it was innovative, or people were going to sit there and go, 'I'm a little bit scared of that." A 65% return [rate] - it's slightly higher than that now, in fact - is phenomenal."

To learn more about advertising on Sky Adsmart, why not call us on 0800 088 6789, or complete the TV planning form?