The Creative Force Behind TV Advertising Engagement

It feels like aeons have passed since cutting the ribbon on our latest TV advertisement back in October 2015. Three months down the line, and with a squadron of 30- and 10-second creatives now deployed across TV screens nationwide, we look back on how the decision to rejuvenate our TV presence has worked out, and why businesses considering the development of their own commercials have never had it so easy.

Having first launched our own TV commercial back in October 2012, three years down the line – a period during which our team advertised a huge 144 businesses on TV, more than any other agency operating in the UK – we decided it was time to freshen up the company’s brand image and marketing angle; components of the campaign planning process that are pivotal to maintaining a healthy, engaging and long-term television presence.

Why decide to change things? Well unfortunately, a shelf life isn’t exclusive to perishable foods in supermarket aisles; much like that chicken stroganoff ready meal, a TV commercial will only appeal to customers for so long. From our experience, over-exposure to a TV commercial succeeds only in neutering the potency of the implicit marketing message whilst inviting indifference towards the brand itself. In order to combat this, businesses must display a propensity to continually evolve; redeveloping creative angles and campaign strategies to satisfy new demands, changes in the market and, fundamentally, the attention spans of human beings. Our time is a valued commodity; to secure a portion of it and earn the right to continue telling their stories, brands must keep moving forward.

Why a replenished creative can change the complexion of your business.

So, how has it worked for us? Applying our predilection for analysis, we measured data from Google Analytics and our own cross-platform TV analysis software, comparing a date range from October 1st – December 31st 2015 with the corresponding timeframe from 2014 to ascertain the impact of our new creative.

The results make for positive reading, with the launch of the refreshed campaign triggering a 105.84% year-on-year increase in site sessions, a 112.62% increase in new users, a 74.89% upsurge in page views, and a 24.86% escalation in the average time spent on the Guerillascope website.

The launch of our new creative has driven an increase in web visits across various sources: site sessions emanating from organic search rose by 105.53%, direct visits grew by 142.49%, and visits generated through Pay-Per-Click advertising by 186.19%. Additionally, clicks delivered through Guerillascope branded search were subject to an upsurge of 94.92%, whilst sessions deriving from mobile browsing grew by a huge 220.51%; increases were also seen across desktop (79.65%) and tablet (77.78%). Overall, 54% of leads attained between October 1st and December 31st can be attributed to our TV advertising activity, with 1.82 phone calls or web visits delivered per spot aired. Compared to the same period in 2014, response derived from our TV campaign grew by 75%.

Whilst we’re delighted with the results gleaned from our analysis, they do not come as much of a surprise. We already know that TV advertising’s influence extends to other marketing avenues, with 18% of all social interactions, 17% of paid search, 15% of display, 14% of affiliate and 13% of direct-to-website response being driven by television commercials.

We also know through research commissioned by Thinkbox that brands who utilise TV as part of their advertising activity encounter an average uplift in branded search of 33%, whilst brands advertising on TV experience an average increase in online conversions of 69%. Let’s not forget the influence of the ever expanding prevalence of ‘multiscreening’ either, which now drives 74% of TV viewers to pick up another device whilst watching the TV ad break without disrupting ad recall. Ultimately, TV is now an omni-connected media, its tendrils of influence stretching across the online sphere to holistically enhance campaign efficiency across the board.

Creating your own TV ad has never been so easy and affordable.

Harnessing the effectiveness of a strong TV creative has never been easier for small businesses operating on tight budgets. Improvements in mass market technology have exploded the capabilities afforded to advertisers, with the development of smartphones and video editing software such as iMovie rendering the creation of extremely affordable TV creatives as a viable option for brands previously priced out of the market.

Yet, going it alone certainly will not be for everybody. Thankfully, the new-found availability of affordable production options also extends to professional services, with Guerillascope alone now able to offer its own bespoke TV production arm that specialises in low cost creatives geared precisely for generating response efficiently. Interwoven into this expanding facility is our extensive knowledge of the ad clearance and delivery processes, facilitating a full, start-to-finish service that cuts no corners whilst at the same time endowing companies with the flexibility and alacrity required in such a fast-moving market.

Of course, with a network of multiple creative partners all responding to the nascent affordability of TV advertising production with expert services catering for a range of styles and budgets, it’s really never been easier to find a creative option perfect for the objectives of your business. To learn more about kick starting the development of your own TV advert from as little as a couple of thousand pounds, why not contact the Guerillascope team today on 0800 357 675?