2016: The Year TV Revolutionises Your Business?

So it’s January, and everything’s all too grey and normal again; you may even be enduring it under the wretched haze of self-inflicted sobriety and distinctly fun-sapping New Years’ resolutions. But there are a few reasons to be excited – especially if you’re the owner of a business.

Why? Well, 2016 promises to provide fertile terrain for businesses looking to squeeze every last drop of value out of their TV advertising expenditure, with a potent concoction of new innovations and increasingly effective traditional platforms driving the market’s unabated evolution into one sculpted to the interests of all businesses of all sizes, regardless of advertising budget.

Sky Advances cross-screen capabilities with new platform

First off, there’s Sky’s new Advance platform, which will facilitate the planning and execution of cross-platform advertising campaigns at an unprecedented level of integration; seamlessly connecting TV and online audiences to ensure that advertisers are deploying the right advert, at the right time, on the right screen. The new platform will utilise viewing data from 3 million Sky-owning households covering in excess of 500 channels.

This significantly bolsters the capacity to broaden the coverage of TV advertising campaigns across Sky’s portfolio, providing businesses with incremental reach whilst building on the precise audience targeting capabilities developed through Sky’s pre-existing Adsmart platform.

Channel 4 gets creative

Elsewhere in the TV advertising universe, Channel 4 and its newly-anointed Sales Team of the Year has launched its burgeoning in-house creative solutions hub, PL4Y; a service that grants advertisers the license to utilise the broadcaster’s programme and talent assets as part of their advertising activity. Encompassing spot, sponsorship and product placement deals, the initiative endows brands with a plethora of creative options; integrated across TV and digital to facilitate all-inclusive marketing solutions.

ITV introduces new view-anywhere Hub

ITV has also been busy laying the groundwork for 2016, having rolled out its new Hub platform towards the end of last year. The new digital home for all ITV content replaces ITV Player, and will simulcast the broadcaster’s live TV schedules to widen coverage and reach viewers wherever they are. This is great news for TV advertisers, facilitating engagement of not just those watching live from the TV set, but also incremental audiences that perhaps display a stronger propensity for online viewing, such as younger viewers or those working long or irregular hours.

The enduring power of traditional TV advertising

However, all of this is not to downgrade the importance of traditional, linear TV viewing, which we assert is still – and will continue to be – the most vital of tools for businesses seeking the required level of reach and frequency to achieve optimal response at relatively low costs.

Pound for pound, TV advertising remains the most cost-efficient avenue to achieve long-term, sustainable business growth, with every £1 spent delivering an unmatchable £1.79 in return profit. Whilst for certain brands, audience fragmentation is incongruent with fundamental marketing objectives, for many, the wide array of TV channels catering for specific audience interests are essential to engaging target customer-bases and engineering direct, measurable response.

Importantly however, 2016 will also be the year where the focus on TV advertising effectiveness takes on a longer-term perspective, with new research highlighting how 50% of TV’s influence on business is felt after the first year of campaign activity. Read our recent overview of Thinkbox’s study into why agencies and advertisers need to re-examine how they measure the impact of TV advertising activity to understand the true power of the small screen.

As with every year, 2016 will see Guerillascope employing a focus on the specific needs of our clients, constructing bespoke strategies that serve to deliver on the unique set of objectives stipulated. Cross-platform solutions will be key for some, but ultimately, we believe that TV will remain the beating heart of campaign activity, endowing brands with the credibility, creative engagement, short and long-term response, and prestige that only television can supply. 

Why 2016 can be your year to shine

Fresh from a year which saw Guerillascope advertise 92 businesses on TV – secondly only to Mediacom in the UK – 2016 shows no signs of eroding our confidence. We believe the next twelve months will provide the stage for an even deeper, opportunity-laden synergy between TV and online whilst also playing host to a continuing improvement in the efficiency of linear TV; with the proliferation in brands choosing the medium also increasing competition and lowering advertising rates further.

We aim to be at the forefront of both, working with agility to identify the best and most innovative opportunities for our clients. Whilst focusing on our bread and butter of targeted, analysis-driven TV advertising strategies, we will also continue to grow our own integrated digital buying arm and creative production wing in 2016 – two ventures that reaped considerable dividends for both our company and our clients during what was a fantastic 2015 on both sides of the Irish Sea.

And let’s not forget the television broadcasters, each of whom has committed to investing record amounts in new programming commissions across 2016 as part of an intensifying war for viewing figures. We could devote an entire dossier to the reams of great content coming your way over the next 12 months, though we’re particularly looking forward to the Stan Lee-directed Lucky Man on Sky 1, Martin Scorsese’s Vinyl on Sky Atlantic, ITV’s new drama The Halycon, the same broadcaster’s epic biopic Victoria, and Channel 4’s Deutschland ’83.

To find out more about the benefits of advertising on TV for your business, please feel free to contact the Guerillascope team today on 0800 356 675.