Guerillascope’s TV Advertising Review: 2015

If the sign of a good year is having the capability to look back and celebrate how far you’ve come, then it’s been another exceptional twelve months for Guerillascope’s UK and Ireland branches.

Last year we were basking in the warm glow of a 2014 that saw our team represent 75 clients on TV, a figure that, in the UK, elevated us to the leading independent TV advertising agency by number of clients, and second only to Mediacom overall. We signed off last year’s review with the belief that we fully expected 2015 to maintain the company’s upward trajectory over the past decade. So, did we deliver?

2015: Onwards and Upwards

This year Guerillascope has advertised 92 businesses on TV in the UK and Ireland, 53 of which were newcomers to the market. This represents an 18.5% year-on-year increase in total clients and a 15% upsurge in the total number of client impacts attributable to Guerillascope. To put it simply, it’s been another great year for our team on both sides of the Irish Sea.

In Ireland, our team has been responsible for bringing a new sector-defining product to the fire lighting market, in addition to significantly increasing the market share of the country’s leading natural foods brand. Meanwhile in the UK, we’ve retained our position both as the UK’s second largest TV advertising agency by number of clients, and the leading independent agency.

In terms of impacts (or in other words, one member of the target audience viewing a TV spot once), we’re amongst the top 35 TV advertising agencies in the UK, and sit snuggly within the top ten when the focus is constricted to independents. Consolidating this ascent is our newly acquired status as an official IPA member, a distinction that promises to improve the service we can offer to clients even further in the coming years.

Reaching Above and Beyond

The average adult (16+) TV viewer in the UK saw a TV spot booked by Guerillascope 55.5 times. 94.5% of the adult population was reached at least once, 90.9% twice or more, and 87.5% in excess of three times. Over 70% of adult viewers saw a TV advertisement booked by Guerillascope on ten separate occasions or more. Our largest client by number of impacts secured an average frequency of 11.9 views per UK adult, with 84% encountering the brand’s TV activity at least once, 72.7% twice or more, and 63.8% in excess of three times.

We’ve welcomed some fantastic newcomers to the Guerillascope family in 2015, including Saluto, Temptation Gifts, 3Doodler, and Medical Travel Compared. Of added satisfaction for our team has been the growth of several long-term clients from domestic brands operating in domestic markets, to companies with a global presence and distribution. We’re delighted to have accompanied them on their journey, buying all media across Europe, USA and the Middle East.

A Brand New Identity

Back in 2012 Guerillascope broke new ground in the TV advertising industry by becoming the first agency to actually practice what it preaches by advertising on TV. Having since proven to be a key driver in our growth, earlier this year we decided that a revamped creative was required to breathe fresh life into a brand image that has now been seen by 50% of the UK adult population at least once.

We turned to London-based creative agency The Ark to develop a new concept that closely reflected the vibrant, colourful nature of the Guerillascope team, whilst concurrently elucidating upon TV’s effectiveness as a source of long-term, sustainable business growth for companies spanning all sizes and sectors. Ultimately, we wanted to highlight just how easy it now is to advertise your business on TV.

After months of poring over small details, we finally launched our brand spanking new TV commercial on the first of October this year - and immediately experienced the benefits of refreshing your TV creative now and again! Web data demonstrates how, compared to October 2014, this October gleaned a 105.23% increase in the number of site sessions, a 102.16% increase in users, and a 91.35% increase in page views. Similar results were encountered when shifting the comparison to September 2015, with our new TV creative generating an 89.43% month-by-month upsurge in sessions, an 88.60% hike in users, and a 99.49% increase in page views.

Our own in-house production arm has grown considerably over the course of 2015 –  both in TV commercial production and particularly in digital content production – with our creatives breaking inveterate site click-through rates on several occasions. Next year will see an intensification in the bespoke creative services Guerillascope can offer, with a new production hub poised to take flight.

Relocating Our Ambitions

Guerillascope has experienced quite the growth spurt over the past five years, expanding from a company with four permanent members of staff to a bustling yet tight-knit team of fifteen spread across the UK and Ireland. It’s for this reason that, with heavy hearts and misty eyes, we took the decision to relocate our global HQ to a new, sweeping office in the midst of Farringdon. Cue a month of IT and furniture-rooted teething problems.

Now firmly settled into our new surroundings, we’d love to show it off, so why not pop by for a pretty spectacular coffee?

Looking Ahead to 2016

Whilst Guerillascope expects next year to be another fantastic twelve months for both TV advertisers and agencies, our focus doesn’t rest exclusively in this field. Though television remains the beating heart of a brand’s marketing activity – providing unparalleled coverage in addition to driving brand response and engagement on other medias – in the modern media landscape it’s clear that digital advertising can act as an effective supplementary source of incremental reach.

We have significantly grown our digital buying, investing globally in both display and video commercials on digital platforms as part of a collaborative strategy to integrate our buying methods with production, social media and engagement of popular bloggers: the overarching mission to build holistic marketing campaigns.

Our web development and digital media integration has grown to become 30% of turnover in the Irish market, with specific success in the realm of eCommerce. Two of our web based projects this year allowed us to generate an entire brand solution: from brand origination, logo and identity design and website build, to media planning & buying; the result in both cases has been the creation of a profitable business. This is something we'd like to do more of.

As for TV, with next year set to see major broadcasters increasing their investment in quality programming even further – not to mention the small matter of a UEFA Euro 2016 tournament to look forward to – and new connected technologies poised to enhance the synergy between TV and online even further, the terrain is set to remain a fertile one for advertisers seeking to reach large audiences cost-efficiently.