A Cycle of TV Advertising Success

The Guerillascope team is often asked how we plan, measure and analyse TV advertising campaigns. So without further ado, let's explore the cycle implemented to maximise the value we deliver to clients.

Competitor and Sector Analysis

The process begins before a TV plan has even been formulated. Once our team has received a brief outlining a company’s advertising objectives, we begin piecing together a detailed evaluation of the relevant industry; studying competitor and sector activity to provide the client with a blueprint for an effective campaign strategy.

To achieve this, we process official BARB viewing data through the utilisation of sophisticated software. This allows our planning specialists to sift through over a decade of TV advertising data, which for clients means access to an unparalleled wealth of insights. From this we can ascertain estimated spends and seasonal patterns, in addition to which channels, times of day, weekdays, programming and regions of the UK are most cost-effective as a vessel for reaching a specified target audience. Once a report has been sent to the client – and with sign-off received – we can then begin assembling a targeted TV plan.

Coordinating a Plan of Action

Our TV advertising plans are designed to deliver maximum value from the budget stipulated. We select a blend of channels offering a combination of reach and frequency; ensuring that your TV advertisement is seen by enough people, enough times and at the right times. Plans can be based on any time-span, with budgets per channel allocated to deliver as even a spread as is possible (unless the client requests up-weighting on particular stations, of course). At this stage we will also negotiate the most affordable CPT (cost per thousand viewers) – the currency by which TV airtime is traded – operating late in the market to secure the best deals.

From this plan we can also calculate the number of spots a brand will receive for the budget, along with the estimated number of viewers per TV spot and TVRs, which represent the percentage of a buying audience tuning in during the specified day parts. Guerillascope’s targeted plans are malleable; we believe clients should have the flexibility to alter their goals and strategy in any way they see fit. 

The Hatching of a New TV Advertiser

So, you’re happy with the plan and happy with the deals we have negotiated for your airtime, now what?

Typically, we’re able to begin airing your campaign two working days after submitting the booking, which is actioned immediately after receiving payment. However, it is important to note that this rule of thumb can vary by channel and availability; the Easter and Christmas holidays, for example, will require bookings weeks in advance to guarantee delivery.

Once the booking has been approved, it’s time to schedule your spots and run some safety checks. At this stage, your dedicated account manager will liaise with the relevant sales houses to optimise the distribution and volume of your airtime. We ensure that – at the very least – the value that has been booked is the value you will receive. Your TV schedule is a fleshed-out reflection of your plan; If you only wish to advertise on weekdays between 9am and 5pm, we will ensure that you have no spots airing at 1am on a Sunday morning. No compromises! 

A Cycle That Improves Performance At Every Turn

With your TV advertisement launched and web traffic data showing an immediate increase, we’ll keep an omnipresent eye on the campaign’s development, nurturing response, leads and sales through a constant process of optimisation.

We achieve this by inserting a small pixel code into your site that facilitates the correlation of live website data with your TV airtime, using a unique, cutting-edge piece of cross-platform software to identify trends and patterns in web traffic uplifts and specific TV spots. If episodes of Top Gear or spots aired between 1pm and 2pm are driving the largest volumes of traffic to your site, our system will allow us to identify the link immediately, which means we can set to work on reducing your Cost Per Response, Lead and Sale by tweaking the strategy quickly and nimbly.

The software we use endows TV advertisers with a campaign performance overview unmatched in its accuracy and attention to detail. Your account manager will be able to produce weekly, monthly, or even real-time reports, subject to your needs, and can also provide you with your own-log-in access for complete transparency.

Once your campaign has finished, we can use this data to plan your next burst of activity: repeating a cycle that – with every new turn adding new insights to your ever-growing arsenal of data –  has the happy knack of driving an improvement in campaign effectiveness with each new booking and each passing month.

To learn more about Guerillascope’s targeted TV advertising service, call the team today on 0800 088 6789.