Guerillascope H1 Report | 2015

TV advertising campaigns planned and booked by Guerillascope were seen over 1.5 billion times across the first half of 2015, securing a 48% year-on-year uplift as once again the team experienced a hugely positive start to the year.

Fresh from a record 2014 in which 75 businesses advertised on TV with Guerillascope – distinguishing our team as the UK’s biggest independent TV agency in terms of clients and second overall, behind Mediacom – we have enjoyed another fruitful six months, so far launching campaigns for 54 brands, 23 of which are new to the TV advertising market. This exceeds the 48 businesses we had supported across the same period last year, although in terms of new business acquisition, the figures are slightly down year-on-year.

This is far from being a negative, however, given that over 50% of the clients who advertised with Guerillascope during H1 of 2015 have now been with us for two years or more; indicative of a growing focus on long-term, sustainable strategies. With 48% more impacts (views) delivered this year in comparison to 2014, what’s clear is that client budgets are being stretched further and greater value generated from more detailed planning.

This can be attributed to changes in the market – with TV advertising costs plateauing and new tools equipping advertisers with more targeting options – and Guerillascope’s own commitment to securing more for less through both a constant process of optimization, and our unique approach of operating late in the market to obtain the best deals.

2015 has granted Guerillascope the opportunity of working with businesses spanning the charity, FMCG, drinks, insurance, law, travel and tourism, health, beauty & cosmetics, sports and leisure, public sector, retail and entertainment sectors. From budding entrepreneurs and growing start-up businesses through to established brands and market leaders, we would like to thank every client that has put their trust in Guerillascope over the past six months - we look forward to enjoying more success with you in the near future.

TV Continues to Pay Dividends for Guerillascope

The number of brands we managed over the first six months of 2015 represent a 66% increase on the number of businesses accrued over the same period in 2012 – before we began advertising on television ourselves. Our concerted presence on TV since has been a key instigator in driving the subsequent four years of substantial YOY growth. Over 50% of the UK population has now seen our ad at least once, with 32% twice or more and 23% at least three times, with the average adult viewer seeing a Guerillascope spot 6.4% times.

We remain the only TV advertising agency that actually practices what it preaches, placing us in a unique position that permits us to utilise our own experience in improving the performance of our clients’ campaigns. Driven by a progressive company ethos that places continual evolution at the heart of its operations, we aim to build on this success further, with plans in place to revolutionise the way Guerillascope is perceived by TV viewers and potential clients. Watch this space!

Guerillascope Ireland Goes from Strength to Strength

The news is just as positive across the Irish Sea, with Guerillascope Ireland going from strength to strength in the first half of 2015. The team now represents market leading brands in the Agricultural and Home & Garden sectors, as well as some of the most innovative, inspired products currently available in the Irish market (3D pens, people!)

In addition to providing a targeted TV advertising service that - thanks to the team's unique approach - is steadily ensnaring the attention of Irish business, Guerillascope Ireland is also forging a reputation for slick and efficient web development supported by TV and online marketing strategies; providing site builds and accompanying campaigns geared precisely for increasing the visibility of some of the country's most promising e-commerce businesses. And if that wasn't enough, the team's bespoke TV production branch continues to produce miraculous results on tight budgets.

The proaction displayed by our Irish team has driven a doubling in Irish business year-on-year, but expectations do not stop there. With further growth firmly in the cross-hares, we look forward to reporting back to you with more exceedingly positive news at the end of the year!

A Look Across the TV Advertising Market

So, that’s enough about us, let’s now look at the TV market. Well, as usual, we’ve all been watching heaps of TV; with the average UK adult indulging in an average of 2 hours 34 minutes of commercial TV content a day. 87% of this viewing was live, equating to 45 TV ads a day. Businesses are also feeling good about the market; with the 9% YOY increase in ad spend over the first six months of 2015 one of the highest on record. This feel-good factor is also carried by Sky and ITV individually, whose sales house both posted significant YOY increases in TV advertising revenue.

Between January and June, 25% of all adult viewing impacts emanated from Sky’s portfolio of TV channels, with 21% attributable to the ITV network, 17% to Channel 4’s portfolio, 0.7% to Turner Broadcasting and 0.5% to Disney.

Looking at individual channels in terms of popularity amongst UK adults, ITV predictably led the way with 11.8% of impacts. Channel 4 was next with 4.9%, followed by Channel 5 (4%), ITV3 (2.2%), E4 (1.3%), Film 4 (1.2%), Dave (1.2%), More 4 (1.1%) and ITV4 (1.0%). What we’re seeing here is an enduring partiality among UK adults for ex-terrestrial, mainstream content, with the digital offerings for such channels also proving popular as sources of supplementary entertainment programming. Satellite and Cable channels also have an important role to play, serving more specified, niche content that appeals to particular interests and needs. The fact Sky leads the way in terms of viewing impacts adds weight to this point.

The View Ahead

The expectation is that the second half of 2015 will, as is customary, be busier than the first. With Summer already beyond its half-life, businesses are moving headlong into preparations for Autumn and Winter, with the pre-Christmas rush just around the corner (Keep a lookout for our guide to conquering the Winter TV market). With exciting new programming poised for launch too, the stage is set to place your business in the spotlight and reach your target audience.

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