Guerillascope TV Advertising Review: Q1 2015

Abetted by renewed business confidence in the economy, an evolving TV advertising market and increases in consumer spending, Guerillascope enjoyed a sterling Q1 of 2015 – breaking all records as the business strengthened its upward trajectory.

Last year we conducted the planning and buying of TV campaigns for more businesses than any other independent TV advertising agency, with only the global giant that is Mediacom outdoing the 75 clients who opted to entrust Guerillascope with their TV advertising activity. But our ambitions don’t stop there.

Improving a Winning Formula

2014 – currently the finest year in our 14-year history – commenced with a Q1 that saw the team launch TV advertising campaigns for 32 businesses, 13 of which were newcomers. However, if the results from the first three months of 2015 are to be given credence, then we’re on course to exceed last year’s record.

So far in 2015 we have handled the reins for 43 TV advertisers, 11 of which are newcomers to the market. This represents a 26% increase in business year-on-year, whilst in terms of impacts (the amount of times our clients were seen on TV), we’ve exceeded the number delivered last year by 30%, with 825 million impacts generated in Q1 of 2015 compared to the 575 million from 2014. Up against the same period in 2012, we have nearly quadrupled the number of businesses advertising on TV, whilst more than doubling the impacts delivered.

Since Guerillascope began running its own TV advertising in October 2012, almost 50% of UK adults have seen our brand on television at least once; with 30% twice or more, 25% three times or more, and 10% in excess of seven times – the average television viewer has seen a Guerillascope TV spot on six occasions. We remain the only TV advertising agency that leads by example and advertises on the small screen, but resting on our laurels has no place in 2015 or beyond. That’s why later this year we plan on evolving our brand image with a new TV creative!

Of course, we're not confined to the UK only these days. Across the Irish sea our team is going from strength to strength; planning and implementing TV advertising campaigns for some of Ireland's most promising brands. Of particular note is the work done for GLAS Farm Planners, who received a new website, TV advertisement and branding in one single week – not to mention online, print and radio campaigns. With a heavyweight TV advertising drive for Zip Firelighters also under its belt, our Irish team continues to distinguish itself as an extremely effective branch of the burgeoning Guerillascope Empire!

Looking ahead

Our recent report on the three pillars of a stable TV advertising industry found that products and services at the higher end of the market were most likely to benefit from a new increase in consumer spending over the coming months, but another method of predicting the lie of the land is by analysing last year’s activity. Further research from our team has found that in Q2 of 2014, businesses within the food, finance and entertainment & leisure industries were the most active advertisers, and we expect the same again as brands look to build momentum ahead of the summer market.

However, we also anticipate a busy three months for companies based in the travel, clothing, retail, cosmnetics and home DIY sectors, all of whom have a great opportunity to maximise the sales of products or services which typically come into favour upon the onset of warmer weather. Moreover, with 2015 poised to become a vintage year for TV content, and platforms such as Sky Adsmart continuing to revolutionise the targeting capabilities available to TV advertisers, there's never been such an abundance of opportunity to efficiently reach the viewers pivotal to your business model.

Guerillascope would like to extend a thank you to everyone who has worked with us during the first three months of 2015 - you've made it a great start to the year! We are extremely excited about the next nine months, a time during which we expect to experience our best year yet as a business. But for now, why not find out what all the fuss is about by calling our team of TV planners and buyers today on 0207 352 0555? Or, if calling isn't your style, why not set aside a minute to complete our TV planning form?