5 Tips To Make TV Advertising Work For You

We’ve arrived at a point in TV advertising's history where, behind us, lies the old way of doing things; rigid systems of planning and buying which limit campaign effectiveness for businesses without millions to spend.

Whilst this old way of doing things still clings to the accounts of multi-national corporations, for everybody else a new approach – one that empowers not the sales house, but the TV advertiser – has emerged, permitting independent agencies to plan highly targeted, analysis-based strategies that pinpoint specific audiences.

That’s all well and good, of course, but for businesses entering the market for the first time, it can all look a little overwhelming. With so many new technologies, ideas and trends remolding the market, it’s important to know what’s worth focusing on, and what threatens to throw you off the goal trail. Here we focus on five key tips to making the most out of the TV advertising market this year.

Stop, Look And Listen

Before letting the reins loose on your TV advertising activity, it’s vitally important to learn everything you can about the buying habits of your target audience and how it engages with television content. Customers are becoming increasingly savvy and discerning when it comes to how they interact with brands, so keeping your eyes and ears on the market will benefit your business significantly in the long run. Two ways you can achieve this are:

  • Preliminary audience research: measuring when your target audience is engaging with TV content, what TV content they’re watching, where they’re watching it and how they’re watching it. These are all questions an analysis-focused agency such as Guerillascope can answer. If you need to target 18-24 year-olds who typically consume their TV via Extreme Sports during post-peak, your bespoke TV advertising plan would reflect this.

  • Developing a strong social media presence is a fantastic way of not only adding a personable dimension to your brand, but also gauging consumer sentiment and identifying trends. The likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin all cater for business interests with analysis tools that offer insights into what content is being engaged with by which user groups – and how they use this content. Such insight supplies businesses with eye-opening perceptions around what kind of marketing messages may work.

Be Daring

TV advertising rewards the bold. The idea that in order to succeed, one must be prepared to take risks, has been reinforced continuously throughout history. Advertising on TV amplifies a brand’s share of voice and conveys personality; as we’ve discussed in recent posts, if you’re a young business looking to cause a stir in your market, then people need to hear your story; they need to believe in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Don’t let a fear of failure derail your ambitions before they’ve even got moving – displaying the bravado to shout your brand’s culture and values from the rooftops is a vital ingredient in ensuring customers buy into your ethos.

Patience is Key

Whilst TV advertising can and very often does provide an instant uplift in web traffic and leads for a business, its real strength is in its propensity to deliver long-term sales increases. A Thinkbox report titled ‘Advertising Effectiveness: The Long and Short of It’ demonstrates how regular investment in TV across a period of three years or more delivers double the profit gleaned through a short-term strategy spanning less than a year.

In other words, patience is an essential virtue for any business owner intent on enjoying the benefits of advertising on TV. Typically with an agency such as Guerillascope, a brand’s first TV campaign will be a process of trial and no error, whereby the team will regularly tweak the attributes of a campaign to enhance performance.

Get Creative

You could have a TV advertising plan perfectly positioned to accurately reach your target audience, yet without a compelling TV creative, it’s akin to a political party running in the election without a party leader. The TV ad is the face of your business, the point of reference for millions and the chief mouthpiece for your core marketing messages. Yet, in order to make a good first impression, investment is needed. The good news is businesses can now make their brand look a million dollars with a TV creative costing just a couple of thousand pounds.

Embrace Change

Winston Churchill once said: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” This maxim should reverberate strongly among UK businesses at a time where the consumer climate is itself changing. This is not bad news for advertisers – quite the opposite, in fact. Gradually peering into the light after a long recession, the UK population – now shrewder as a result of new found wariness – is prepared to handsomely reward brands they trust with loyalty.

To gain this loyalty, businesses must be adaptable. With more people now choosing to buy goods online and huge corporations suffering from a backlash of waning public confidence, there are opportunities for smaller businesses to make a real impact. By embracing the latest technologies, market trends and consumer attitudes, you place your brand in the best possible position to change its future for the better.