The Mechanics And Impact Of DRTV Advertising

Your business has the product, the branding and the team in place to reach the next level, yet, no matter how many posts you upload to Facebook or Twitter, how intense your Pay Per Click campaign is, or how SEO-friendly your website has proven to be, web traffic and online conversions are still resistant to that exciting upsurge. The answer might just be TV advertising.

Thumb through the media grapevine and you’ll find predictions of TV advertising’s downfall creeping across your path. Ignoring the fact that a great deal of these prophesies are conjured for platforms that rely on revenue from online advertising, there’s either an unwillingness or inability to acknowledge the reality that online works most effectively as a supplement to TV – thanks in part to the multi-screen mode of viewing.

Thinkbox attests that 86% of all UK TV viewers claim to have multi-screened, whilst the IPA goes further by stating that 25% of all adults with internet access multi-screen everyday. Factor in the 47 TV ads the average UK adult sees per day, and the opportunities TV offers begin to sharpen into focus. Indeed, with both TV and online advertising spend continuing to grow year-on-year as of 2014 (10.7% for TV and 17.7% for online), it's clear that the merits of this strategy are already being widely acknowledged.

DRTV Advertising Rewards The Ambitious

Ambitious businesses utilise TV advertising in the same way that a Peacock spreads its array of feathers to attract a mate, the difference being that, instead of putting on a show for one, brands beguile thousands. DRTV is particularly effective in that, as well as establishing connections with consumers through the impactful use of colour, sound and copy, a compelling call-to-action can be a potent tool in ensuring there’s an end product to this flirtation.

To delve further, we’ve outlined four reasons why direct response TV advertising remains so effective:

  • DRTV advertising increases the speed of transaction, offering a directness that appeals to the viewer’s ever-increasing demand for convenience and minimal stress.
  • A TV advertising campaign that dovetails with online platforms is proven to generate more word-of-mouth activity and social conversation – both online and offline – ultimately leading to deeper connections between brand and consumer.
  • Every aspect of a DRTV advertising campaign is accountable, enabling TV advertisers to correlate online traffic and sales with individual TV spots sorted by channel, day of the week, day part, programme and even post code. However granular your measurement needs, DRTV facilitates complete transparency.
  • Whilst a click on Google may cost in excess of £30.00 due to the competition around popular keywords, TV’s efficiency as a targeted medium that reaches specific audience groups means the Cost Per Lead generated by DRTV advertising could be less than £1.50. Yes, £1.50.

How DRTV Advertising Works

So, that’s why a direct response TV advertising campaign works as a generator of online response, but let’s back up the why with the how:

  • A URL or phone number prominently positioned throughout your TV creative can shorten the transaction journey. This technique, if applied correctly, distinguishes the TV commercial as a point-of-sale mechanism that quickly leads consumers down a path of rich brand discovery.
  • Yet, in order for this to work, the creative itself must sell your business in a way that makes you stand out from the competition. The quality of your product or service will go a long way towards determining this, but regardless of its appeal, a product advertised without belief, enthusiasm and imagination will ultimately fail.
  • The inclusion of online competitions, discount codes and QR codes offer incentives for further engagement. It is human nature to respond to stimuli that enriches any given moment with added knowledge, enjoyment and financial rewards, so make use of this.
  • Research from Thinkbox indicates that within the last year, 94% of TV viewers have performed a search on a brand whose TV advertisement appeals to personal wants and needs. So, ensuring that your website appears under the right keywords organically – as well as exhibiting a significant social media presence – is crucial to cultivating the consumer interaction so important in this modern climate.
  • Above all, it is about ensuring the quality of the user experience permeates through the entire process – from the first viewing of the TV ad to the final online purchase. If your website does not measure up to the quality of your ad, it’s likely the journey will end after 10-seconds on the home page.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of advertising your business on TV, then do give the Guerillascope team a call today on 0800 357 675. Or if phone conversations are not your style, check out our quick and painless TV planning form.