Guerillascope's TV Advertising Review: 2014

We may have just officially surpassed the shortest day of the year, but the 354 days that preceded it have hurtled by as, week by week, more and more businesses have opted to entrust Guerillascope with their TV advertising ambitions.

At this stage last year we were reflecting on what had been an unprecedented twelve months of company growth here at Guerillascope HQ. Having introduced over forty new businesses to TV advertising, by the year’s end we had generated a 13% year-on-year growth in clients. However, as delighted as we were with this success, we firmly believed that this was just the beginning; with the dynamism and appetite of our team infusing the company with a deep-rooted confidence in 2014 being even better. Our belief was well-founded.

2014: Continuing the Upward Trend

This year we have exceeded the growth experienced in 2013, establishing fifty new businesses as TV advertisers whilst delivering a 17.3% year-on-year uplift on the number of clients advertising with Guerillascope. In fact the 75 clients in total that Guerillascope aired on TV over the course of 2014 was bettered only by Mediacom (95) - the largest media agency in the UK! Additionally, in terms of reach and frequency, 2014 was yet another effective year:

  • The average UK adult (aged 16+) saw a TV advertising campaign planned by Guerillascope 45 times.       
  • 96% of the adult population viewed a Guerillascope-launched campaign at least once.    
  • 92% twice or more. 
  • 90% at least three times.
  • Our busiest advertiser of the year experienced an average of 12 views per UK adult in 2014.
  • Guerillascope's own TV advertising campaign delivered an average frequency of 6, with 18% of the adult population seeing our brand on TV at least once and 14% twice or more.

November was our busiest month in 2014, with the festive arms race seemingly growing in distance with every passing year. This is in no small part due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whose influences on spending habits and marketing activity in the latter part of the year continue to flex with increasingly powerful – and as the papers will tell you, occasionally aggressive – force. The festive effect was also keenly felt across October and December, whilst September benefited from the onset of colder weather, not to mention consumer need for comfort in the aftermath of Summer.

Elsewhere, January proved hugely fruitful as expected, with TV advertisers responding to consumer demand for great post-Xmas retail offers and the annual (for some of us, ultimately futile) focus on health and fitness. Research indicates that Q1 of 2015 will once again provide a lucrative landscape for businesses; brands within the travel, fashion, jewellery, cosmetics and technology sectors in particular can all expect to profit as the buying public seeks indulgence amid the post-Christmas come down.

Guerillascope Sets Sail

We’re an ambitious bunch here at Guerillascope, which is why earlier this year we decided to introduce our unique TV advertising service to Ireland; building on the foundations established by Oliver Durkin. Since our launch across the Irish Sea we’ve clearly struck a chord, introducing seven brands to TV in the first six months. Additionally, Guerillascope Ireland is a full service agency, with a strong creative and production team to call upon for clients seeking quality solutions at affordable costs. With three TV commercials scheduled to shoot in the first two weeks of January alone, 2015 promises to see further expansion into the Irish media landscape. Who knows where the next twelve months will carry us!

Looking Ahead to 2015

Setting our cross-hares on the year ahead, 2015 will accommodate a new royal arrival, host the Rugby World Cup (which is being held in England), and, if all goes to plan, the ascension of Queen Elizabeth II as Britain’s longest serving Monarch. There’s also the small matter of the UK general elections in May, which will receive an unparalleled level of TV coverage across all major broadcasters as the nation takes to the ballots.

With an ever-expanding team and untethered ambition, we fully expect 2015’s end of year review to maintain this upward YOY trajectory. And, with new trends, exciting programming and innovative technologies poised to sweep through the television industry over the next twelve months, 2015 is already looking like a great year to advertise your business on TV.

To find out how Guerillascope can support your business’s TV advertising goals, why not get in touch today on 0800 357 675, or if you’re in Ireland, give us a call on 00353 (0)43 6686666.