Xmas TV Advertisers Missing The Transatlantic Boat

Order has mostly been restored in the UK following the feeding frenzies of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it wasn’t just body parts that took a battering, with previous records for sales – both online and offline – shattered by Monday evening.

Lost Opportunities for TV Advertisers

Whilst at times the events produced anything but the spirit of the season – with skirmishes breaking out in supermarkets nationwide and repeated hacking attempts made on major retail sites – the indomitable rise of both US exports has, in turn, erected new opportunities for UK TV advertisers.

However, according to new research from the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, small businesses are still failing to harness this potential, with a lack of online presence costing such companies a projected £164 billion in sales.

TV Advertising Drives Online Sales

The reason such opportunities have materialised is largely due to the increasing prevalence of dual-screen TV viewing. 80% of UK customers are expected to purchase their Christmas gifts online this year, with 32% poised to shop via mobile devices.

From a TV advertising perspective these figures are significant, with 74% of television viewers claiming to engage with online platforms during an ad break. What’s more, Thinkbox asserts that there are no notable variances between age groups, gender or socio-economic status, providing TV advertisers with a wide range of demographics from which to target specific audience groups.

And this isn’t a case of turning attention away from the ad break to like pictures of food on Facebook: 81% of viewers remain in front of the TV set when entering the online sphere, which interestingly tops the 72% of viewers who do likewise when not multi-screening.

All I Want For Christmas… Is Convenience

For shoppers this Christmas – and, if indeed industry forecasts are to reach fruition, festive holidays for the foreseeable future – the primary concern is finding the right deals via the most convenient means available. The proof is in the pudding, with the likes of John Lewis, Amazon and Argos all experiencing web traffic increases of up to 300+ % over this past weekend.

Such escalations are being abetted by the advent of increasingly innovative apps designed to minimise the amount of clicks required to complete a purchase, as well as integrated platforms such as Shazam, which enables consumers to engage further with products through competitions and exclusive offers.

The Grandest of Stages

Last Christmas the average UK adult (16+) saw a TV advertisement planned, booked and launched by Guerillascope ten times, with 86% seeing an ad once or more and 69% in excess of three times. Whittling the figures down further, our largest advertiser received an average frequency of four, with 69% of the adult population watching the brand’s TV advertisement at least once and 36% three times or more.

We expect to achieve year-on-year growth both this Christmas and next year, as viewing figures continue to increase with the conception of technologies that enable viewers to watch TV in different ways; at any time and from anywhere. Ultimately, television content is now more accessible than ever before.

This technological progress has clearly made an impact. The average UK adult is expected to spend £350 on Christmas presents this year, or 17% of their monthly salary, with a total of £74 billion expected to change hands over the six weeks leading up to the big day – and this figure is growing. 2014’s Cyber Monday delivered a 15% year-on-year increase in sales, whilst widening the focus to a five-year period highlights an average of YOY lift of 11%.

Join The Christmas Party

With new technology bringing speed and ease to the buying process, there is a clear opportunity for businesses of all sizes and sectors to maximise festive sales cost-efficiently through a combination of TV advertising and online presence. Our team has seen first hand how such strategies can revolutionize company performance; with an audience of ravenous consumers to target, response rates promise to explode along with brand visibility.

With seasonal offers set to extend into the New Year, there is still time for brands to gatecrash the UK’s biggest ever Christmas party. Yet with 2015 poised to host yet another year-on-year upsurge, there is a thirst for quality products at affordable prices that shows no signs of being quenched.