TV Ad Avoidance? Let’s Skip To The Reality.

A couple of years ago we launched a TV campaign that elucidated upon the fact that, if a viewer fast-forwards through your ad, you’re not charged a penny. We’ve had many enquiries into how exactly this works, so allow us to elaborate.

The measurement of TV viewing in the UK is entrusted to the Broadcaster’s Audience Research Board (BARB), which manages a panel of 5,100 homes – each of which represents a further 5,000 homes – and 12,000 voluntary participants.

This panel is used to ascertain viewing patterns across the UK’s 26 million households equipped with a television, enabling targeted TV advertising agencies such as Guerillascope to accurately quantify the viewing audience for individual TV spots on a minute-by-minute basis. This is vital in that it enables our experts to assess the effectiveness of commercial TV channels, programming and particular day parts, allowing for campaign optimisation to take place.

How Do We Measure Ad Avoidance?

So, there’s a little bit about BARB and why its role is essential, but what about ad avoidance? How on earth can we determine whether or not one single television viewer has fast-forwarded through your advertising spot, and save you money in the process? There’s no wizardry or dark arts present here, just a simple process that allows our planning and buying team to transform TV advertising into what is essentially a pay-as-you-go service.

First, to become measurable, every household within the panel is equipped with metering technology that enables BARB to glean audience data. Once a TV set is switched on, the household is by definition officially watching TV, meaning we can begin piecing together the viewing figures for analysis.

Now to reveal our big secret… In order for a TV spot to generate an impact – or in Laymen’s terms, one audience view – said viewer must watch at least 10-seconds of the ad. If the panellist fast-forwards the live schedule before the 10-second window expires, that particular viewer is not counted as an impact – meaning you don’t pay. It really is that simple.

A New Kind of TV Advertising Market

The ability to identify ad avoidance is just one reason why TV advertising has never been so affordable.  This point has seen Guerillascope reallocate the majority of our marketing budget from PPC to television over the last couple of years – a move that has seen our business reap the benefits. The TV market is undergoing a transformation, with independent agencies like Guerillascope pushing a new focus on accessibility and affordability for businesses entering the market.

And this new affordability isn’t just exclusive to the planning & buying side of the coin. From a production perspective too, costs have never been so low. Guerillascope is now working with a host of exciting agencies that can cater for any brief or budget, and what’s more, technology has progressed to such a level that, with software such as iMovie, advertisers now have the opportunity to create their own advertisements with ease, or work in tandem with our team to create simple ads primed for response – for as little as a couple of thousand pounds!

Ultimately, whilst most TV advertising campaigns these days are booked by a computer, Guerillascope places considerable value in retaining the hands-on approach needed to squeeze the maximum level of value from television activity. Deciphering when an advertising spot has been skipped is just one of the ways we minimise costs - to learn more about our unique approach to delivering success, why not call us for a chat today on 0800 088 6789?