Insure Your iPhone 6 from just £4.99 With Protect Your Bubble

The much-heralded iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched across Europe this morning, bringing an end to months of feverish anticipation as queues for the first time in days began to shrink instead of swell. So, now you have the product, why not safeguard it from just £4.99 a month with Protect Your Bubble?

Hundreds of consumers had been camped outside The Apple Store in Regents Street – some for hours, others for days – as this year’s marquee product launch drew ever closer. But with the doors now open, the wait is over at long last – as happy shoppers emerge onto the streets with grins as large as the price tag.

Taking a walk down Regents Street and slaloming through the pitched tents crystallises the importance of the iPhone 6 launch to Apple’s legions of fans, but what happens if you lose it whilst on a hike across remote terrain? Drop it down the loo (we’ve all been there)? Have it snatched out of your hand by a mischievous and impossibly fast dog? The point is, so much can happen that will ultimately result in you minus an iPhone 6, that insuring the product is essential.

Here’s where Protect Your Bubble – the home of gadget insurance – comes into the equation. To mark the big launch, PYB is running a big offer. For a limited time only, iPhone 6 users can ensure their state-of-the-art gadget for just £4.99 - £6.99 per month, depending on the model. No, this is not a typing error. To access this amazing offer, simply visit