Guerillascope TV Advertising Review | H1 2014

Where has 2014 gone? It feels like only yesterday that we were fondly looking back on 2013, yet here we are, ebbing towards winter and the build-up to Christmas.

The first six months of 2014 have again been hugely productive for Guerillascope, with over 1 billion adult impacts delivered in total across all of our clients. This is a 10% year-on-year increase on the same period in 2013 and a 24% increase on 2012.

Our team launched TV advertising campaigns for 48 clients during the first half of the year, 37 of which are newcomers to the small screen. Over the same timeframe in 2013 Guerillascope planned and booked TV campaigns for 37 businesses, whilst in 2012 24 companied elected to run with us. In terms of new business acquisition, so far this year Guerillascope is the UK's leading independent TV advertising agency and sits firmly inside the top 10 overall – ahead of the likes of Starcom and GroupM.

Shifting the focus to audience engagement, between January and June 91.8% of the UK adult population saw a TV advertising campaign planned and booked by Guerillascope at least once, with 86.6% seeing our clients twice or more and 81.7% over three times. The average UK adult saw 22.5 TV advertisements planned and booked by Guerillascope.

Still the only agency advertising on TV

Guerillascope’s own TV advertising activity continues to reap considerable dividends for our business, with 24 million adult impacts delivered over the course of the six months. Since we began running a continuous TV advertising campaign in October 2012 39.8% of the UK adult population has seen our brand on TV at least once, with 24.0% viewing more than two spots and 16.2% of viewers reached a minimum of three times. All in all, the average UK adult has seen Guerillascope on TV 4.9 times, demonstrating how a long-term commitment to advertising on TV can deliver the visibility required to expand your market.

Additionally, our culture of constant progression has prompted the planning and development of several new creatives; we think you’ll find our updated marketing message very interesting as a business owner. With TV time and again proving to be more cost-effective than the likes of online/PPC advertising and print, we're continuing to place more emphasis on the importance of our campaign as a lead generator, aiming to bolster our TV presence even further as the year scuttles on.

Looking ahead

We expect the second half of 2014 to build on the success achieved in H1, with exciting new advertisers and established clients poised to join the pre-Christmas marketing blitz. We believe the next four months will offer businesses a wonderful opportunity to maximise festive sales; coupled with our targeted approach to cost-efficient TV advertising strategies, the brand visibility and viewer interaction fostered through TV is fundamental to supporting business growth, a fact that more companies than ever before are learning for themselves.

To find out how Guerillascope can make TV advertising work for you, please give the UK’s fastest-growing TV advertising agency a call today on 0800 357 675, or to get started on your bespoke TV advertising campaign simply complete our TV planning form.