Paying for Clicks: The Safe Money's on TV Advertising

When it comes to online advertising, Pay-per-click is regarded by many brands as the fuel that drives response towards an optimised website. However, research continues to highlight the fact that, when it comes to cost-efficiency, TV advertising stands as the most effective tool available to advertisers seeking a boost in online conversions.

Whilst it’s customary for businesses to pour thousands of pounds a month into Pay-per-Click advertising as a means of acquiring several clicks in Google search, for the same amount of money a TV advertising campaign will generate a greater level of response, whilst boosting brand recognition through a guaranteed audience of thousands.

Paying too much for Google Clicks.

If you have any experience of PPC advertising then you’ll know that a paid listing is secured by bidding on key terms of direct relevance to your product or service. When somebody does click on your ad, you pay a Cost-Per-Click, with the number of clicks that result in the submission of a form, or any pre-defined conversion metric, determining the Cost-Per-Conversion.  

The problem with the PPC model is that, for businesses contesting a top position with numerous competitors, a default maximum bid – which is the amount of money you’re willing to spend to ensure that one single browser sees your ad at the top of search – could end up costing in excess of £20. That’s quite an amount to spend on one person without any guarantee that they’ll even click on the ad.

For example, if you own a car insurance business and wanted to secure a high search position for the key phrase ‘multi car insurance’, Google recommends a bid of £9.25 just to ensure your brand is visible. Similarly, successfully utilising a term such as ‘debt loans’ will require a bid of £15.95, whilst ‘web designers’ would necessitate a bid of £8.83 and ‘online trading platform’ a staggering £20.96.

Another issue with PPC is that it offers no brand recognition. If you’re a company yet to establish itself within its market, then paying for a Google Ad is tantamount to pinning a tiny business card onto a noticeboard hosting dozens upon dozens of similar promotions – unless you manage to create a campaign that stands out markedly from the competition you’re likely to see your brand swallowed by more established names.

Why opt for TV instead?

As Pay-Per-Click continues to become more expensive as a result of greater demand, concurrently TV advertising is becoming more affordable with every passing year. With continuing technological advancements driving innovation on an unprecedented scale, TV is now the medium to turn to when seeking minimal wastage and maximum engagement with specific target audiences.

For the same cost as a Google PPC campaign, business owners opting to go with TV instead are not only guaranteeing online clicks, but also brand coverage; with a guaranteed minimum of one thousand viewers – each one representative of your target customer base – tuning in for every spot you run. The twin-pronged marketing assault of brand awareness and direct response has been found to significantly lower a business’s cost per conversion, with viewers often responding to enticing calls to action through branded search or by visiting a website directly.

73% of UK families now claim to engage with multiple screens at once when watching TV, meaning that whilst they’re seeing your TV advertisement they’re also surfing the internet; communicating with others and exploring subjects of interest. This trend can be of huge benefit to businesses as never before has the path to purchase been so quick, easy and convenient, nor has it been so simple to spread a positive brand message.

And with the average UK adult watching 2 hours 26 minutes of commercial TV a day in April, the stage is set for businesses of all shapes and sizes to make more out of television.

One stat that emphasises this point is the average increase of 5% - sometimes as high as 20% - in online conversions experienced by businesses that market their product or service with TV, compared to those that do not.

Practising What We Preach

Guerillascope has in recent times realigned its marketing strategy to lessen the reliance on PPC advertising, reallocating the lion’s share of our monthly budget to advertising on TV. Since administering this change in approach at the start of the year we have welcomed 21 new TV advertisers to the Guerillascope family – that’s over 1 new client a week.

Compared to the same period in 2013, when 9 new advertisers launched TV campaigns with Guerillascope, 2014 has seen a 133% increase in new business – a figure that we attribute directly to our increased focus on TV advertising.

Ultimately, our experience has proved to us that a targeted TV advertising campaign succeeds in delivering a level of cost-efficiency unmatched by PPC. Whether it’s a direct visit to your website, a brand search or telephone call, TV is the undisputed king of response; and with the costs of launching your brand on television now lower than ever, TV is an opportunity businesses would be ill-informed to ignore.

Want to learn more about TV advertising and the ways it can support your business growth? Give the Guerillascope team a call today on 0207 352 0555, or set the ball rolling on your campaign with our TV planning form.