Guerillascope: TV Advertising Review Q1 2014

Three months into 2014 and once again there’s a lot to be positive about at Guerillascope HQ.

During Q1 our team of planners, buyers and analysts launched TV advertising campaigns for 32 businesses, up from 27 in 2013 and 16 in 2012. Of the brands that advertised with Guerillascope in January, February and March, 13 were newcomers to the family, a figure that equates to one new client a week.

If we maintain this pace over the rest of the year, we would be responsible for bringing more new business to the TV advertising market than any other independent TV advertising agency in the UK managed over 2013 - a year which saw Guerillascope leading the way with over 40 new TV advertisers brought to the screen.

With all TV advertising campaigns managed by Guerillascope combined, almost 600 million adult impacts were achieved during Q1 of 2014, marking an increase from 485 million in 2013 and 353 million in 2012.

In terms of reach and frequency, 87% of the UK adult population saw a TV advertisement launched by Guerillascope at least once. 78% of the population was reached at least twice, with 71% seeing an advertisement on three or more occasions and 39% viewing our ads over 10 times. The average adult saw a member of the Guerillascope roster on TV 13.3 times.

Over the past three months we’ve welcomed some fantastic new clients to the Guerillascope family, including Wheels For Sure, Gear 4 Music, Age UK Hearing Aids and Royal Dragon Vodka. Additionally, recognised partners such as Protect Your Bubble, We Buy Any Home, Park Resorts and Money Boomerang were once again active across what was a very productive quarter.

And with the 2014 FIFA World Cup looming, we anticipate an even better Q2. May, June and July are poised to host a glut of TV advertisers seeking to take advantage of the nationwide television buzz set to sweep the UK, and, with TV viewing figures likely to explode during the month-long event, there's a real opportunity for businesses to associate themselves with content that will grip millions.

Keep your eyes peeled for Guerillascope's forthcoming feature on TV and the World Cup, or to discuss your TV advertising ambitions with our team, please call 020 7352 0555. Alternatively, why not set the ball rolling on your campaign with our TV planning form?