Sky Adsmart Continues to Evolve

When Sky’s burgeoning Adsmart platform was confirmed for launch in January after six months of testing, it was met with considerable excitement and intrigue.

For the first time, here was a service that enabled TV advertisers to pinpoint the exact demographics they wished to reach, with over 90 mosaic audience profiles and 32 regional and metropolitan areas providing unrivalled specificity and accuracy in the targeted TV advertising sphere.

Revolutionary TV Advertising

Three months down the line and that excitement shows no signs of grinding to a halt. In fact, it’s growing. Some of the UK’s biggest brands have already used the platform to great effect: including Boots, Ocado, American Airlines, Sainsbury’s and Audi, whilst all over the UK, smaller businesses previously priced out of the TV market are now launching hyper-targeted TV advertising campaigns that provide a cost-efficient base for reaching the consumers that really matter to their brand.

Driving this TV advertising revolution is the unbelievably specific selection of audience profiles now available to TV advertisers. Such groups include financial strategy, lifestage, level of affluence, household composition, region and mosaic lifestyle, all of which you’d think offer more than enough in terms of targeting accuracy. But there’s more to come.

Sky Adsmart Showcase

Guerillascope was at last week’s Sky Adsmart Showcase to hear about new features poised to be added to the armoury in the coming months. Of particular interest to business owners will be the forthcoming ability to reach TV viewers by postcode and job title. Yes, within a few months, hypothetically TV advertisers will be able to engage audiences living down one street within one metropolitan area, or professionals working within one sector.

So, if you’re a local restaurant wishing to advertise to Sky viewers living within a one-mile radius of your business, or a highly specialised training organisation looking to reach business owners operating within a particular discipline, Adsmart could be the perfect fit.

This is truly ground-breaking stuff that promises to completely dismantle any boundaries previously placed in the way of smaller businesses, many of whom simply couldn’t compensate for the levels of wastage once carried by a TV campaign. That dreaded word could soon be a footnote in TV advertising history as Adsmart continues to evolve and expand, offering unprecedented flexibility and personalisation to TV advertising activity as businesses mix and match multiple audience groups to create truly individually tailored strategies.

An Exciting Future For TV Advertising

Sky Adsmart has already been credited with growing the TV market, with over one-third of the money brought to TV since the onset of trialling in 2013 representing new business. As the service is refined and developed further it will become even more effective for companies entering the TV market – indeed, it’s the future of Sky Adsmart as much as its present that captures our imagination here at Guerillascope.

As one of the UK’s leading TV advertising agencies when it comes to launching new businesses on television – last year alone we brought over 40 new advertisers to the screen – we’ve recognised the considerable value Sky Adsmart carries for brands needing to reach specific target audiences with near-limitless flexibility and within budget. This is one of the reasons why we believe in TV advertising as an effective outlet for any business. The pending ability to target by postcode and job title are just the latest new tools companies will be able to equip themselves with as Adsmart continues to drag TV into a new era of opportunity.

To learn more about how it works, why not give Guerillascope’s TV experts a call today on 0207 352 0555, or visit our short and digestible introduction to Sky Adsmart.