The Guerillascope TV Advertising Review: 2013

2013 is drawing to a close, and we for one will look back upon it fondly. So much has happened at Guerillascope in the last twelve months that it would require a small dossier to fully cover it, but we’ll spare you that; here’s a brief summary of this year’s real talking points from the UK’s fastest-growing independent TV advertising agency.

But first, a bit of context. In October 2012 we broke new ground as the first TV advertising agency to actually launch an ad campaign on television, driven by the belief that whether you’re a local butcher, new start-up or multinational corporation, TV can revolutionize your business prospects.

It’s certainly worked for us; since launching our TV campaign we’ve experienced a 43% year-on-year uplift in new clients. This year alone we have brought over 40 new advertisers to TV, marking us out as one of the industry leaders in terms of launching brands on television. In terms of reach and frequency, with all of Guerillascope's clients combined, 96.2% of the UK adult population saw the TV ads we planned and booked at least once, 93% twice and 90% three times. Overall, TV impacts generated across the year represent a 13% year-on-year increase.

During 2013 we’ve planned, booked and launched campaigns for some fantastic newcomers to TV, including BullionByPost,, DogTag Insurance, Toolroom Records, Rude Wines and Soccer Showcase. We’ve also experienced continued success with established, long-term clients including Protect Your Bubble, Warranty Wise, Money Boomerang and Park Resorts.

The swell in new business has had a huge effect on our company. We’ve added two new members of staff to meet an ever-growing client list, with further additions anticipated as we steamroll our way into 2014. Additionally, we’re currently in the process of an exciting rebranding, so expect to see a fresh new website and brand identity early next year.

A special word of gratitude goes to Guerillascope’s exceptional team of planners, buyers and analysts, who are a source of enormous pride for the company. We can say with absolute conviction that we have one of the most talented teams in the industry, and without it, the success we’ve achieved this year simply would not have materialised.

Finally, Guerillascope would like to extend its thanks to everybody who has helped make 2013 such a wonderful year. It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the Guerillascope family, and there’s so much more to come. We have our sights set on new heights in 2014, so keep your eyes peeled, you’ll be hearing a lot more about us in the next year.

Wishing you a very happy New Year.