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Passionate about the positive influence of TV advertising and its ability to drive growth, the Guerillascope team regularly hosts free events featuring an array of expert speakers from across the industry. Our events offer ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the ways TV and other medias can support efforts to increase sales, achieve brand fame, and deliver scalable growth.


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  • Introducing the Power of TV Advertising

    London | Dates: 29 – 29 Jun, 2017

    For businesses that haven't tried TV before, the thought of launching a campaign can seem daunting and expensive. Is television right for you? Is it more hassle than it's worth? Are people even still watching TV? This event will delve into the reasons behind TV's ever-increasing affordability, its evolution into a targeted marketing tool, its efficiency as a generator of growth, and its enduring appeal as a mass-reach outlet. Find out more about why the power of TV can be experienced by any brand with the ambition to invest.

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  • 'Tis the Season: The Winter of Brand Ascent

    London | Dates: 24 – 24 Aug, 2017

    For many, Winter is still the season of discontent. It's cold, wet, grey and seriously lacking in vitamin D. Yet for businesses big and small, the colder months represent a golden opportunity. With larger TV audiences, festive altruism and a greater desire for retail therapy marrying together to create an environment ripe for harvest, we will demonstrate how a flexible, optimised approach to campaign planning can turn the darker part of the year into a glimmering period of brand ascent.

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  • Making TV Budgets Work Harder

    London | Dates: 12 – 12 Oct, 2017

    With advancements in digital technology bringing to the TV market new ways of targeting specific audience groups with unprecedented accuracy, the multiscreening viewing phenomenon revolutionising the customer purchase journey and enhancing the medium's responsiveness, and new analytical tools reducing Cost Per Leads and Sales to great effect, industry experts discuss the reasons why, for TV advertisers past and present, the here and now represents a fantastic opportunity to hone a strategy capable of transforming the future of your business.

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