Lead Forensics

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Varooma, the UK’s leading logbook loan provider, launched their first ever TV campaign with Guerillascope in Q4 2017.

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  • Prove that TV can drive leads as cost-efficiently as their online activity.
  • Grow the market and educate viewers on the logbook loan sector.
  • Optimise towards conversion and loans value.

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  • Varooma’s first venture into TV was designed to increase brand visibility whilst simplifying a relatively complicated concept. By leveraging the profile of TOWIE star Joey Essex, the brand successfully widened its mass appeal.
  • Though the overarching strategy was devised to generate the lowest possible Cost Per Lead, the first three months were used as a test phase. This timeframe allowed us to understand not only the CPL and Cost Per Acquisition of each channel, but also the conversion and loans value.
  • By implementing our tried-and-tested process of continual campaign optimisation, we were able to identify the TV channels, times of day, days of the week and the programming that delivered the best results. From this, we pinpointed Top Gear on Dave as central to our ongoing strategy.
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Having been hugely encouraged by the results of our first TV advertising campaign, I now see it as a key ingredient in our ongoing marketing strategy. I look forward to building on this success with the reliable team at Guerillascope, whose expertise has been integral to the growth of our brand. Peter Rickenberg, Director