Protect Your Bubble

Protect your Bubble launched its first UK television campaign with Guerillascope in December 2010. Tasked with delivering an ambitious sales target over the Christmas period, Guerillascope quickly demonstrated the power of hands-on, targeted TV planning, driving a significant uplift in phone insurance policies that exceeded early expectations.

Initially applying an all-time approach tailored for increasing brand awareness across its core audience of young adults, Guerillascope has since worked closely with Protect Your Bubble to fine-tune an approach that strikes an effective balance between reach and frequency. One focused on engaging its large target audience, whilst ensuring it consistently remains at the forefront of purchase considerations.

This has been achieved through continual investment in TV over the past six years, and a carefully devised campaign that features both larger branding spots in peak viewing (17:30: 23:00), and targeted airtime on smaller TV channels in daytime (09:30: 17:30) slots. Through our process of continual performance tracking, we’ve identified and based an ever-evolving strategy around the channels and programming best suited for achieving the targets set.

Now the nation’s leading gadget insurer, Guerillascope has augmented the brand’s combined DR and branded TV strategy with the planning and buying of radio, taxi and underground advertising activity; whilst also committing time and bodies to assist the company with its experiential promotions around new iPhone launches on Oxford Street and Wimbledon Tennis. What’s more, the brand’s dedicated account managers have further amplified Protect Your Bubble’s visibility with TV sponsorship packages around Swipe – the technology segment on Sky News – and high-profile spots within TV shows of high relevancy to the brand’s products, such as the Gadget Show.

"Guerillascope are hugely knowledgeable and hard-working. They get under the skin of your business and provide that rare commodity of genuine added value. I would highly recommend them."
Stephen Ebbett, Founder

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