Who We Are

Guerillascope has come a long way since being founded in 2001.

Now the UK’s largest TV advertising agency in terms of number of clients advertising on TV, our success can be attributed to a progressive culture that never compromises our core values of innovation, honesty and flexibility.

Yet, whilst the beliefs central to our business have remained, everything pinned around them continues to develop with haste. Stagnation is a a collective phobia here at Guerillascope HQ, and we enjoy working with clients that share the same outlook. We’re constantly seeking opportunities to reach TV viewers in new and exciting ways – wandering from the beaten track to deliver genuine added value for the UK’s most enterprising businesses.

That's why we remain independent, and fiercely so.

This means we operate outside of restrictive share deals to ensure we're able to tailor and optimise strategies on your terms – not on those of commercial broadcasters.

As for Advanced Booking deadlines, we believe in eschewing the traditional model in favour of a more agile approach.

We buy airtime late in the market – and when we say late, we mean up to three days before the launch of your campaign. For you, this means access to the best deals, and the freedom to build on results with scale and flexibility.  

Seen Guerillascope on TV? Watch this short video to learn more about what makes our friendly, proactive and honest team a little different to your typical media planning agency.

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