Guerillascope Media Planning Agency

How We Work

When it comes to bringing your ambitions to life, we are hands-on, transparent and flexible. We make your budget work harder through an analysis-based approach, identifying cost-efficient opportunities for your business whilst optimising performance. We’ve organised our unique way of doing things into seven steps.

Planning Form

Get in touch.

By completing the planning form, or by giving our team a call on 0800 357 675, you’re effectively taking the first steps towards launching your media campaign.

Lets Talk TV

Understanding your business.

Having received your media brief, a member of the Guerillascope planning and buying team will contact you within 24 hours for a chat. We’ll get to know your business inside and out, learning about your target audience, marketing objectives and preferred strategy. We’ll then set to work on developing a plan based on your goals.

Market Analysis

Analysis of the market.

Our analysts will then conduct preliminary market research, evaluating competitor and sector activity to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the marketplace

Planning Your Campaign

Planning your media campaign.

Now we begin transforming your brief into a malleable media plan, matching your objectives to our competitor and sector analysis. We’ll pinpoint opportunities centred on the most cost-efficient media combinations, day-parts, days of the week and programming.

Book Your TV Spots

Booking your media

With a flexible plan in place, our team will then secure your media, negotiating the best deals for your business. Once your campaign is booked, Guerillascope will provide a full list of up-to-the-minute, integrated scheduling on a weekly or even daily basis.


Monitoring your campaign

At this point, give yourself an almighty pat on the back – your campaign has lift-off! Guerillascope will work tirelessly to deliver the KPIs we say we will through the continual monitoring of your campaign, referring to weekly scheduling and value position checks.

Improving campaign performance

Improving campaign performance.

Once your campaign has launched, Guerillascope will ensure that its performance is enhanced through a process of campaign optimisation. We’ll focus on reducing your Cost Per Lead and maximising response with the help of cutting-edge analytical tools, enabling us to provide an overview of what’s working and what isn’t whilst improving performance by audience group, media channels, day-parts and postcode.