Guerillascope TV Advertising Agency

Why Guerillascope?

2016 saw Guerillascope launch TV campaigns for more advertisers than any other agency in the UK. Brands choose us because we minimise the risk of advertising on TV; we employ a flexible, accountable and hands-on approach to delivering optimised results for our clients. Here's a few reasons why we're a little different.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We are not shackled to restrictive share deals, a stance that allows us to buy airtime on any channel. This grants clients the freedom to showcase their brand, products and services in front of the right audiences.

WhyGuerillascope's TV Advertising Service?Prior to planning your targeted TV advertising campaign, your dedicated account manager will perform competitor and sector analysis free of charge.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?Once your campaign has launched, this same account manager will continually track and optimise its performance as a complimentary service in order to enhance performance and improve cost-efficiency.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We operate late in the market, working independently of Advanced Booking deadlines to secure the best airtime deals and facilitate clients with maximum planning flexibility.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We guarantee to reach the number of viewers stipulated in your plan, referring continually to value positions and scheduling in order to achieve this.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We can provide clients with online log-in access to our bespoke tracking software, the cutting edge technology we use to measure campaign performance. What does this mean for you? Complete accountability.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We can deliver campaign performance reports by year, month, week, day and in real-time.