Guerillascope TV Advertising Agency

Why Guerillascope?

You have a great brand and an offering people love. You've experimented with different media channels to mixed results, yet your gaze keeps being drawn back to TV. It's the medium that truly excites; and you feel your business is ready. Now comes the crucial decision of which agency to place your trust in. We'll make it easy for you...

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?With us there are no restrictive share deals. This means we can buy airtime on any channel, and grants you the freedom to showcase your brand, products and services in front of the viewers central to your campaign objectives.

WhyGuerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We're well-versed in buying late in the market, often working independently of Advanced Booking deadlines to secure the best deals and deliver total planning flexibility. Want to book your airtime three days before the launch of your campaign? Reluctant to commit your entire media budget up front? No problem!

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We are proactive and forward-thinking. Once your campaign has lift-off, your account manager will continually monitor and enhance its performance. We harness cross-platform insights to identify new opportunities and enhance effectiveness.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We always go the extra mile to generate the success you crave. Throughout the planning of your targeted TV advertising campaign, your dedicated account manager and supporting team will perform competitor and sector analysis free of charge.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?Key to our success is the reliability of our staff. When we guarantee to reach the number of viewers we say we will, you can be assured that we will work tirelessly to deliver full value. We continually refer to value positions and scheduling reports in order to achieve this.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?We are honest about everything we do. We will provide you with online log-in access to our bespoke tracking software, whilst also supplying you with monthly, weekly, daily and even real-time performance reports. What does this mean for you? Complete accountability.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?Above all, we love what we do, and we are passionate about helping brands and people we love. Every member of our team is highly-trained across multiple media. The time and money we invest in them is, in turn, an investment in your success.