TV Advertising Costs

TV Advertising Costs

We know that TV advertising costs are a key factor when considering the medium’s suitability for your business. With ever-evolving targeting capabilities and campaign optimisation tools significantly enhancing the efficiency of advertising on TV, the reality is budgets now work harder for brands than ever before. Complete the form below, or call us, for a bespoke, no-obligation quote.

Let's Talk Facts

  • Increased advertising inventory driven by greater channel choice means the cost of advertising on TV is now 30% lower in real terms than it was a decade ago*.
  • In fact, the average TV spot now costs just half a penny*.
  • Essentially, half of all TV airtime is free, with non-chargeable zero-rated spots (those that attract an audience of less than 10,000 viewers) on smaller niche channels extremely efficient in generating response.
  • If a viewer fast-forwards through your commercial, we use analytical tools to ensure you're not charged a penny. At least 10-seconds of an ad has to be viewed to qualify as an 'impact' - or view - on our system.
  • We constantly monitor your campaign to determine which channels, days of the week, times of day, regions, audience groups, ad variations and programming deliver the best results for your business. This allows to increase response, improve engagement, and reduce wastage.

*Stats from Thinkbox

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