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Despatch Bay Delivers Debut TV Campaign

Guerillascope is delighted to announce the launch of the debut TV advertising campaign from Despatch Bay, the online courier service that delivers parcels to the UK and abroad from as little as £8.50 +VAT.

The TV advertising campaign, developed by Guerillascope, launched on June 8th and will span Dave, Sky News, Disney Channel, Good Food and Discovery amongst other commercial TV channels throughout its month-long TV occupancy. enjoys a working partnership with Parcelforce to ensure that customers are provided with access to a service unrivalled in security, reliability and convenience. Each item is subject to a standard £50 insurance cover and is also trackable from anywhere. If that wasn’t enough, Despatch Bay will collect your goods from wherever you stipulate, be it at work or at home. Little wonder the brand is now one of the nation’s favourite parcel couriers.

Whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet, the Despatch Bay service can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. And if that wasn’t convenient enough, customers can also link their Ebay accounts to make the process of distributing sold items truly easy peasy.

Visit the brand’s website to learn more today. Or, if 30-seconds is all the time you currently have, check out the slick and informative TV advertising debut above.