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London Live Receives Grand TV Unveiling

Last night (March 31st) marked the launch of London Live, the new TV channel dedicated to our capital city. With a potential audience of 9 million, there are high hopes that the Evgeny Lebedev-backed digital terrestrial newcomer - which aired its maiden broadcast at 6.30pm yesterday evening - will cause a splash up and down the Thames, with London-focused entertainment programming and extensive, geographically-centred news and current affairs content set to offer inhabitants of The Big Smoke an alternative to the likes of ITV and BBC.

According to overnight data, TV viewing figures peaked at 50,000 during the first episode of Not The One Show, matching forecasts made by London Live insiders during what was a solid first night of broadcasting. Other highlights included the debut of Alex Zane's Rotten Scoundrels, which attracted an audience of 40,000 at 9.30pm, and F2 Kicks Off, a new football freestyling show which generated a peak TV audience of 40,000 just past midnight.

Guerillascope had a keen interest in the grand unveiling, with TV advertising spots booked for the UK's leading gadget insurer, Protect Your Bubble, and exciting newcomer Royal Dragon Vodka. We ourselves also ran TV spots during Brothers With No Game, an original comedy series based on the popular YouTube series, and Nothing To Something, a look at the life of footballer Ian Wright.

Targeting the 16-34 demographic in particular with a blend of original programming and acquired TV content such as Green Wing and Peep Show from the likes of Channel 4, London Live is being billed as "the first 24/7 entertainment channel dedicated to the capital", coupling seasoned television personalities such as Alex Zane with a raft of fresh talent to encapsulate the energy and multiculturalism of one of the world's leading tourist destinations.

London Live, which is available on channel 8 to TV viewers based in London, also offers advertisers an exciting opportunity to combine TV with cross-platform material spanning the Evening Standard and Independent, both of which are owned by Lebedev; with the possibility of reaching London’s affluent and working class communities likely to appeal to businesses looking to boost visibility and sales within the capital.

Guerillascope is now booking TV airtime on London Live, so to secure your spots on the TV channel some media analysts say will revolutionise local television, give our team of expert planners and buyers a call today on 0207 352 0555. Or, for access to the latest rates, please complete our TV advertising costs form.