Press Releases

Telnames launches TV Advertising Campaign has launched a TV advertisement in support of its mobile web hosting service.The television campaign, bought and planned by Guerillascope, has been unveiled in support of the brand’s mobile platform, which facilitates businesses with a search-friendly, affordable service that redefines the functionality of mobile web browsing.

It’s quick, easy and highly connective, optimizing the search ranking of clients whilst seamlessly integrating social media channels into an online presence for expanded reach. There’s also a customizable interface for increased brand visibility, which effectively serves to communicate information relevant to your target customer base.

Telnames is the perfect resource for business owners intent on generating accountable leads, with the unique, branded links available to every user instilling transparency into your online engagement endeavours. In an age defined by demand for expediency, here is a product that burrows to the bedrock of modern business needs.

Guerillascope is delighted to have worked in partnership with on this television campaign, and looks forward to continued success with this exciting venture.