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Kilner Jars poised for TV advertising debut.

Kilner, the popular jar manufacturer, and Guerillascope are pleased to announce the launch of the kitchen accessory brand’s debut TV advertising campaign.Planned and booked by Guerillascope, with production handled by Black and Ginger, the 30-second TV ad enjoyed its grand unveiling this past Saturday (14 Sep) and is poised to feature across More4, Really, Good Food, Food Network and TLC throughout its September residency on UK TV screens.

Kilner has developed a dynamic and distinctive brand presence in the kitchen accessories and homeware markets, thanks largely to the strength of its iconic product design. Its jars are centred on a patented 2-part lid that seals in freshness and preserves contents; whether it’s jam, pickled vegetables or chutney. Equally adept as a safe haven for stationary and other small household items, the versatility of this product is one of its key strengths.

No kitchen is truly complete without a Kilner Jar resting in the cupboard or work surface. So why not visit a leading department store or specialist retailer today to pick up your unique protector of all things fresh and tasty.