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Dogtag kicks off summer with new TV campaign

Dogtag, the travel insurance brand specializing in policies for the more intrepid of travelers, has launched its debut TV advertising campaign in collaboration with Guerillascope.The two-month launch campaign, produced by Jon Moy of Life Cinematic, was unveiled on June 3rd. Whilst originally taking residence upon Eurosport, National Geographic, the Travel Channel and Extreme Sports, July sees the latter being replaced by Sky News.

Dogtag 100% Proof Travel Insurance provides the adventurers among us with individually-tailored protection plans and full cover when exploring the world and its many challenges. There’s no unnecessary paperwork and no nasty surprises – just a simple yet effective service that places the interests of the customer above all else.

Commenting on the main objectives of the TV advertising campaign, Mike Welby, co-founder and director of Dogtag, said: “TV and online are a great combination, which is why we see TV advertising as a cost-effective solution to increasing direct web traffic and engendering word-of-mouth response.

“Yet it’s also about strengthening the bond between brand and consumer. We want our existing customer-base to know that we do exist; we’re not just a web address, but real people with a passion for what we’re doing.”

Guerillascope thoroughly enjoyed working in partnership with Dogtag to bring this sharp, energetic and evocative TV campaign to television sets across the UK.