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Diamond Geezer unveils sparkling TV debut

Diamond Geezer has unveiled its debut TV advertising campaign in partnership with Guerillascope.The family-run online jewellery retailer, which specialises in the designing and manufacturing of bespoke diamond rings, earrings, watches and pendants, arrived on television screens this past Friday (October 11th) and is scheduled to run TV advertising activity across Dave and Motors TV for the next two weeks.

Diamond Geezer works with a carefully selected network of stone and diamond partners from around the world to deliver unique products perfect for that special occasion, whether it’s an engagement, wedding, anniversary or birthday. With nearly 50-years experience in the diamond trade, the award-winning brand has grown to become the UK's favourite online diamond jeweller.

Diamond Geezer first gained prominence on these shores after appearing in an episode of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, where the company turned the show’s highest ever investment offer. Now, with the aim of expanding beyond the limitations of search engine optimization, the Billing family has returned to rekindle its love affair with TV.

Guerillascope managed planning and buying for the TV advertising campaign, with production handled by the creative team at Diamond Geezer.